New York City

I went to new york city yesterday! It wasn’t my first time going, but I haven’t been there in over a year. It’s one of my favorite places,  which is kinda weird because I never have money and I hate crowded places. Also the drive there is so long, worth it, though.

When we finally got there it was almost noon, and I was going to meet somebody from tumblr at the nintendo store. Got pizza first and then tried to find the nintendo store (which took like an hour) It was so cool meeting a friend from tumblr! I thought it would be awkward but it really wasn’t, we just ran around the store obsessing over all of the pokemon stuff lol. I bought  pachirisu and minccino plushies. Wish they had more of the ones I wanted since they were only $10.00 each and I can’t find them online. Oh well, I didn’t have enough money for more anyway.

My other two favorite stores were the sanrio store and the giant toys r us.

Everything in the sanrio store was so cute but expensive ;~; Walked out with nothing. It’s times like these I wish I had a job. There’s no sanrio store where I live either

Toys R US was so crowded, so I went upstairs and tried to avoid all of the people and I found a bunch of hello kitty things and my little ponies. Bought two ponies! Applejack and Fluttershy!

And an MLP ferris wheel. This is my favorite one.

Really want to ride that ferris wheel sometime.

I wish I lived in NYC. ;a; Can’t wait to go there again.

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