I haven’t used this thing in so long

I will start using it more, at least I’ll try. I completely forgot this blog existed, haven’t updated since the summer.

Last night was Halloween, my favorite holiday! You have an excuse to dress up and get free candy. …Which I should probably stay away from since I gain weight easily ;u;

I bought a cat kigurumi to wear as a costume. Just needed an excuse to buy a cat costume that cost over $60.00 and what better chance then Halloween? I wish kigurumis weren’t so expensive, though.

It came in last week and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. I even went out in public (when it wasn’t halloween) while my cousin wore a banana suit and we walked around Toys R Us. People stared and pointed at us. I would never be able to do something like that alone. lol

Went to a lot of haunted houses this month! Every year my mom gets tickets to a place called terror behind the walls.

Yeah I made the stupidest face I could possibly make. I think I tried too hard.

And a couple days ago we went to another one called fright factory, tried to get in a while ago but the line was too long. This one was shorter then terror behind the walls but it actually scared the shit out of me.

….I really do wear this thing too much. I love it, its so comfy. Definitely buying another kigurumi, probably a rilakkuma one.

Yesterday was alright, but I probably gained ten pounds. Welp.

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