Christmas and cosplay prep

Christmas was yesterday and it went great. Sat on the computer in my pajamas all day, which is awesome since I usually don’t like Christmas ’cause I hate going to those christmas dinners and spending time with family members. All of the drama in this holiday annoys me.  …But I do love the gifts! ;w;

Here’s what I got:

Hello kitty slippers

Hello kitty x Forever21 cardigan and blouse

Hello kitty plush (yeah i got a lot of hello kitty stuff)

Hello kitty bubble bath

Hello kitty footie pajamas

Boots, which are really cute and comfy! I usually have a hard time walking in heels but these are great, and I really needed a new pair of heels.

Calico critters

Harajuku lovers bag

Harajuku lovers sunshine cuties perfume set and Harajuku lovers snow bunnies G perfume. The bottles are adorable and the perfume smells really good ;w; I think I’m going to try and collect them all.

This is the best present I got! I needed a new tablet so badly, my other one was old and scratched up. This one works so much better ;w; I’ve been using it non stop since I opened it. Really wanted to start drawing again, so this is perfect. My mom even got me a few drawing programs which I have yet to install

I also got $200.00 to spend from the rest of my family. I know what I’m going to buy with some of it already. Zenkaikon is in May and I decided to go. I missed it last year, because I wasn’t really prepared and kinda forgot about it, and I had nobody to go with ;a; but this year I might be meeting up with a couple people from tumblr there, I’m not sure if they can make it or not yet, but hopefully ;~;

Anyway, since I have extra money now, I’m going to buy some cosplay stuff. I’ve been deciding to cosplay either Stocking or Enma Ai, and I finally decided Ai. (because the cosplay is a lot less money)

This is the costume I’m going to buy. I also need to get red contact lenses, a wig, and Ai’s voodoo doll. I’m probably going to struggle with the lenses, because I’ve never worn contact lenses before. Not sure if ill be comfortable in them and I don’t want to waste money. Don’t even know where I should order them.

Other then that I have nothing else to talk about, so merry christmas.

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