Actually updating this blog

Wow I haven’t blogged on here in like two months. I’m actually going to try and start using this more.

I went to china town over the weekend, and found the greatest store there! I don’t get to go to china town often, and when I do we usually just stop at the asian grocery store and get snacks. I never really get to go shopping and look around when I’m there. Bought lots of money with me because I knew I’d find something. This store was so cute. I walked in and there were so many adorable plushies for really cheap so I just started grabbing everything. When I went to go pay for them all the lady at the register told me they only take cash and I only bought my card. So I had to leave everything and go look for an atm machine. Finally found one at wawa and then got some bubble tea when I had some cash. I also went to the grocery stores but ended up not buying any food…

There were some other shops like the first one I went in but the prices were almost as high as the ones to buy that stuff online :c

I rushed back to that shop because I was paranoid that the stuff I was going to buy wasn’t gonna be there anymore. There was no point in worrying all that time though because the lady put my bag of stuff behind the register ;w; I got so much cute plushies and stickers, it only came out to $56.00. If I had bought all of that online it would have cost so much.

This is  everything I got! I love the tarepanda and cinnamoroll plush.

After I left china town I went to this  flea market. Found neopet plushies for a dollar each so I bought three of them. Then had dinner at the chinese buffet and ate too much sushi.

My cosplay came in today! I’m very happy with it. I was a little worried because I thought I might have gotten my measurements a bit off, but it fits good.

Bad photo ’cause I had to take it with my webcam. Still need to order my wig and circle lenses and then my cosplay will be done! Can’t wait for Zenkaikon in May.

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