The Hunger Games

I saw the hunger games on Friday, the day it came out, and it was amazing. Definitely worth waking up at 7:30 in the morning to get to the first movie. The theater was really crowded even though it was so early and a school day. There was also a class trip going to see the movie and they were all wearing hunger games t shirts and a girl who was sitting behind me was dressed as Effie. It was awesome to see other fans of the hunger games that were really excited for the movie like I was. I wanted to talk with everybody and compliment them on their costumes but I’m too damn shy. 

After the movie I had to go to sams club and then my mom made me go into marshalls, which happens literally every time I go somewhere with her. I did get a 24 pack of energy drinks though, so that’s good. I’ve been in desperate need of them and now ill have enough to last me a month.

Oh, and this is late but I might be going back to school next year. I’ve been in online school for three years now, so its going to be a huge change for me. If it even happens. The other day I went to go look at the school and I like it, only problem is that its really expensive. So I might not even get in. Really nice though, it looks more like a big house then a school. There aren’t a lot of people either, like each class is three or four other people. I hate being around people so that’s perfect for me.

…If this does work out, I’m still worried about failing. When I was in public school my grades were horrible, and when I switched to online schooling I did so much better. I’m afraid I won’t do so well if I go back! ;w;

All of this has been on my mind a lot lately. Trying not to worry too much though because it probably won’t happen. I have so many mixed thoughts about this, ugh.

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