Zenkaikon was today and it was amazing! The only down side was that I didn’t get any sleep at all, so I was pretty tired all day. I still had a good time though! The drive to Oaks wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, and getting in was quick because I was pre registered.

The first couple hours I just walked around buying stuff and silently fangirled over the gorgeous cosplayers. I was too nervous to ask for pictures, but around the end of the day I finally started asking for some (it did take me a long time just to approach people, though) Two people asked for pictures of me, which was kind of strange because I wasn’t even in cosplay, just a school uniform. Sucks that I didn’t ask for pictures until the end of the day because there were a lot of amazing cosplayers I wanted pictures of that I couldn’t get at that time, especially these adorable Hikaru and Kaoru cosplayers! ;~; Oh well.

I actually got a lot of pictures, but I’ll just post my favorites.

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