Haven’t updated in a month, and a lot has happened this month. My mom got a mortgage and found a house she can afford so we are finally moving out of her boyfriends house. But the house needs a lot of work. It’s a dump, but still livable so I guess it’ll have to do. The house is right across the street from the mall, though! I’ll be able to focus on getting a part time job, which I really need.

I finished school for the year so I’ve got some free time for the next two months! I passed everything with mostly A’s and B’s and two D’s. I had an F and got my grade up during the last two days of school. OTL

Anyway, with the extra free time I have I’ve been able to catch up with this seasons anime. I just started watching Tsuritama today, and I love it. Also started Shirokuma Cafe, and its so cute and funny ;w; Definitely very…different.


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