Haven’t updated in a month, and a lot has happened this month. My mom got a mortgage and found a house she can afford so we are finally moving out of her boyfriends house. But the house needs a lot of work. It’s a dump, but still livable so I guess it’ll have to do. The house is right across the street from the mall, though! I’ll be able to focus on getting a part time job, which I really need.

I finished school for the year so I’ve got some free time for the next two months! I passed everything with mostly A’s and B’s and two D’s. I had an F and got my grade up during the last two days of school. OTL

Anyway, with the extra free time I have I’ve been able to catch up with this seasons anime. I just started watching Tsuritama today, and I love it. Also started Shirokuma Cafe, and its so cute and funny ;w; Definitely very…different.




Zenkaikon was today and it was amazing! The only down side was that I didn’t get any sleep at all, so I was pretty tired all day. I still had a good time though! The drive to Oaks wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, and getting in was quick because I was pre registered.

The first couple hours I just walked around buying stuff and silently fangirled over the gorgeous cosplayers. I was too nervous to ask for pictures, but around the end of the day I finally started asking for some (it did take me a long time just to approach people, though) Two people asked for pictures of me, which was kind of strange because I wasn’t even in cosplay, just a school uniform. Sucks that I didn’t ask for pictures until the end of the day because there were a lot of amazing cosplayers I wanted pictures of that I couldn’t get at that time, especially these adorable Hikaru and Kaoru cosplayers! ;~; Oh well.

I actually got a lot of pictures, but I’ll just post my favorites.

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baby bunny

So I have a baby bunny that one of my darling cats attacked last night. He’s in a large bin with some cedar bedding and a box to hide in. Gave him some lettuce and carrots and there’s some bite marks in the carrot so that’s a good sign! ;a;

We didn’t think he would make it through the night because his leg is badly damaged. The tendon and bone are visible. Put triple antibiotic ointment on it and wrapped it, but don’t know what else to do. It must be so painful. :c

Yes my cats are so well behaved, aren’t they? n_n

Haven’t updated in a month because my computer has a really bad virus so I’ve had to use my sisters laptop. I got an old desktop out of my moms closet and set it up, and it works pretty good. But its…old. I prefer my other computer, hopefully I’ll be able to get that fixed. It won’t start up, so that’s why I can’t fix it.

Anyway, enough with the negative stuff. ;w; In good news, I’m really excited for the new Pokemon game! Its still a long wait, but a lot of info on it has been released recently! So far, Pokemon black and white 2 looks awesome! Speaking of Pokemon, I joined a website called Vdex last week. I’m still trying to figure some things out, but its really fun! …I need to stop playing online Pokemon games. I’ve been addicted to them the past few weeks. Especially Gpxplus, Pokefarm, UnovaRPG, and now Vdex. Ahh, Pokemon is taking up too much of my time.  

Oh, and a new south park tomorrow night. Sadly its the last new episode until October, though. But all of the episodes this season were great and the next one looks really funny.

Um, that’s all that’s been going on lately.

i dont know

Nothing exciting, but I feel the need to blog because I am bored out of my mind and plan to start using this thing more.

Here’s what happened the past week:

– Hurt my shoulder really bad and had to go to the emergency room. Wasn’t dislocated but has a first degree separation so I’ve had to wear a sling on my arm, my right arm. It’s a pain in the ass.

– Saw the hunger games again. It was even better the second time. ;w;

– I will start my diet soon! I usually have a hard time sticking to diets the first few days, but after I get through them I’m fine and can control myself. So I just need to try really hard for about a week. I’m aiming to loose about fifteen pounds. Hope it works out!

– Pulled a muscle in my neck. So I took a muscle relaxer last night and its still not out of my system and I feel really drowsy.

– Went to a doctors appointment and got my prescriptions refilled. And I finally went back to the dermatologist and got antibiotics for my skin. It’s looking clearer already!

– Set up the wii in my room and I’ve been playing super smash bros brawl non stop. I need money for more games ;u; especially pokepark.

– Been watching shitty dubs on netflix. Finished Rosario + Vampire and just started Demon King Daimao today. …I haven’t watched anime subs on the computer in so long. Should probably start doing that again because I’m very behind on recent animes and I’m wasting too much times on ones I’m not even interested in because I can use the TV.

Wow that’s it actually. I’m not interesting, sorry.

The Hunger Games

I saw the hunger games on Friday, the day it came out, and it was amazing. Definitely worth waking up at 7:30 in the morning to get to the first movie. The theater was really crowded even though it was so early and a school day. There was also a class trip going to see the movie and they were all wearing hunger games t shirts and a girl who was sitting behind me was dressed as Effie. It was awesome to see other fans of the hunger games that were really excited for the movie like I was. I wanted to talk with everybody and compliment them on their costumes but I’m too damn shy. 

After the movie I had to go to sams club and then my mom made me go into marshalls, which happens literally every time I go somewhere with her. I did get a 24 pack of energy drinks though, so that’s good. I’ve been in desperate need of them and now ill have enough to last me a month.

Oh, and this is late but I might be going back to school next year. I’ve been in online school for three years now, so its going to be a huge change for me. If it even happens. The other day I went to go look at the school and I like it, only problem is that its really expensive. So I might not even get in. Really nice though, it looks more like a big house then a school. There aren’t a lot of people either, like each class is three or four other people. I hate being around people so that’s perfect for me.

…If this does work out, I’m still worried about failing. When I was in public school my grades were horrible, and when I switched to online schooling I did so much better. I’m afraid I won’t do so well if I go back! ;w;

All of this has been on my mind a lot lately. Trying not to worry too much though because it probably won’t happen. I have so many mixed thoughts about this, ugh.

Actually updating this blog

Wow I haven’t blogged on here in like two months. I’m actually going to try and start using this more.

I went to china town over the weekend, and found the greatest store there! I don’t get to go to china town often, and when I do we usually just stop at the asian grocery store and get snacks. I never really get to go shopping and look around when I’m there. Bought lots of money with me because I knew I’d find something. This store was so cute. I walked in and there were so many adorable plushies for really cheap so I just started grabbing everything. When I went to go pay for them all the lady at the register told me they only take cash and I only bought my card. So I had to leave everything and go look for an atm machine. Finally found one at wawa and then got some bubble tea when I had some cash. I also went to the grocery stores but ended up not buying any food…

There were some other shops like the first one I went in but the prices were almost as high as the ones to buy that stuff online :c

I rushed back to that shop because I was paranoid that the stuff I was going to buy wasn’t gonna be there anymore. There was no point in worrying all that time though because the lady put my bag of stuff behind the register ;w; I got so much cute plushies and stickers, it only came out to $56.00. If I had bought all of that online it would have cost so much.

This is  everything I got! I love the tarepanda and cinnamoroll plush.

After I left china town I went to this  flea market. Found neopet plushies for a dollar each so I bought three of them. Then had dinner at the chinese buffet and ate too much sushi.

My cosplay came in today! I’m very happy with it. I was a little worried because I thought I might have gotten my measurements a bit off, but it fits good.

Bad photo ’cause I had to take it with my webcam. Still need to order my wig and circle lenses and then my cosplay will be done! Can’t wait for Zenkaikon in May.

Goodbye 2012!

Happy new year! My new years eve wasn’t that great. Nothing different from my usual nights, except that I actually fell asleep before 12:00.

2011 went by really fast! Usually I’m happy to see the new year come because the previous one sucked, but I’ll actually be a bit sad to see 2011 go. I changed so much the past year.

Oh, I have some new years resolutions (just like everyone else) that I’m probably never going to stick to.

– Loose weight.
– Read all of the books I’ve been wanting to read.
– Get better at drawing.
– Clean room, keep it clean.
– Fix sleeping pattern!
– Do better in school.
– Try to get out of the house more often.

The year is starting pretty well because I have some things to look forward too! Zenkaikon, The Hunger Games movie, getting a job, and possibly a few meetups. …Speaking of the hunger games, I finally finished the last book! I didn’t have much time to read when I finished the second book because I was so busy, but I’ve had a lot of free time the past week and finished the final book in two days. Now I’m more then ready to see the movie, I am so excited! March 23rd, come quicker please :c

Other then that, nothing interesting has happened lately. Got netflix back so I’ve been watching some of the animes on there. I was shocked to see they have some of my favorites like Death note, Chobits, Elfen lied, and Clannad! Currently re watching death note.

Christmas and cosplay prep

Christmas was yesterday and it went great. Sat on the computer in my pajamas all day, which is awesome since I usually don’t like Christmas ’cause I hate going to those christmas dinners and spending time with family members. All of the drama in this holiday annoys me.  …But I do love the gifts! ;w;

Here’s what I got:

Hello kitty slippers

Hello kitty x Forever21 cardigan and blouse

Hello kitty plush (yeah i got a lot of hello kitty stuff)

Hello kitty bubble bath

Hello kitty footie pajamas

Boots, which are really cute and comfy! I usually have a hard time walking in heels but these are great, and I really needed a new pair of heels.

Calico critters

Harajuku lovers bag

Harajuku lovers sunshine cuties perfume set and Harajuku lovers snow bunnies G perfume. The bottles are adorable and the perfume smells really good ;w; I think I’m going to try and collect them all.

This is the best present I got! I needed a new tablet so badly, my other one was old and scratched up. This one works so much better ;w; I’ve been using it non stop since I opened it. Really wanted to start drawing again, so this is perfect. My mom even got me a few drawing programs which I have yet to install

I also got $200.00 to spend from the rest of my family. I know what I’m going to buy with some of it already. Zenkaikon is in May and I decided to go. I missed it last year, because I wasn’t really prepared and kinda forgot about it, and I had nobody to go with ;a; but this year I might be meeting up with a couple people from tumblr there, I’m not sure if they can make it or not yet, but hopefully ;~;

Anyway, since I have extra money now, I’m going to buy some cosplay stuff. I’ve been deciding to cosplay either Stocking or Enma Ai, and I finally decided Ai. (because the cosplay is a lot less money)

This is the costume I’m going to buy. I also need to get red contact lenses, a wig, and Ai’s voodoo doll. I’m probably going to struggle with the lenses, because I’ve never worn contact lenses before. Not sure if ill be comfortable in them and I don’t want to waste money. Don’t even know where I should order them.

Other then that I have nothing else to talk about, so merry christmas.

I haven’t used this thing in so long

I will start using it more, at least I’ll try. I completely forgot this blog existed, haven’t updated since the summer.

Last night was Halloween, my favorite holiday! You have an excuse to dress up and get free candy. …Which I should probably stay away from since I gain weight easily ;u;

I bought a cat kigurumi to wear as a costume. Just needed an excuse to buy a cat costume that cost over $60.00 and what better chance then Halloween? I wish kigurumis weren’t so expensive, though.

It came in last week and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. I even went out in public (when it wasn’t halloween) while my cousin wore a banana suit and we walked around Toys R Us. People stared and pointed at us. I would never be able to do something like that alone. lol

Went to a lot of haunted houses this month! Every year my mom gets tickets to a place called terror behind the walls.

Yeah I made the stupidest face I could possibly make. I think I tried too hard.

And a couple days ago we went to another one called fright factory, tried to get in a while ago but the line was too long. This one was shorter then terror behind the walls but it actually scared the shit out of me.

….I really do wear this thing too much. I love it, its so comfy. Definitely buying another kigurumi, probably a rilakkuma one.

Yesterday was alright, but I probably gained ten pounds. Welp.

New York City

I went to new york city yesterday! It wasn’t my first time going, but I haven’t been there in over a year. It’s one of my favorite places,  which is kinda weird because I never have money and I hate crowded places. Also the drive there is so long, worth it, though.

When we finally got there it was almost noon, and I was going to meet somebody from tumblr at the nintendo store. Got pizza first and then tried to find the nintendo store (which took like an hour) It was so cool meeting a friend from tumblr! I thought it would be awkward but it really wasn’t, we just ran around the store obsessing over all of the pokemon stuff lol. I bought  pachirisu and minccino plushies. Wish they had more of the ones I wanted since they were only $10.00 each and I can’t find them online. Oh well, I didn’t have enough money for more anyway.

My other two favorite stores were the sanrio store and the giant toys r us.

Everything in the sanrio store was so cute but expensive ;~; Walked out with nothing. It’s times like these I wish I had a job. There’s no sanrio store where I live either

Toys R US was so crowded, so I went upstairs and tried to avoid all of the people and I found a bunch of hello kitty things and my little ponies. Bought two ponies! Applejack and Fluttershy!

And an MLP ferris wheel. This is my favorite one.

Really want to ride that ferris wheel sometime.

I wish I lived in NYC. ;a; Can’t wait to go there again.